Funding Information

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All Tulane students pay “Student Activity Fees” that are used for social and professional activities across campuses. The student activity fees are distributed to the Student Government Organizations, and from there to any professional and/or departmental organizations.

The Associated Student Body (ASB) represents all graduate and undergraduate students. Under ASB are both the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA). USG receives 7.5% of the student fees of all graduate and professional students to provide for events open to all students, and GASPA receives 11.5% of the student activity fees to provide events and programming specific to graduate and professional students. The remaining 81% of activity fees from all students of a division are returned to that division’s yearly budget.


GAPSA Events and Funds

Fall and Spring Graduate/Professional Mixers

Collaborative Event Funds

Interdivisional Graduate Diversity Organizations Fund 

Collaborative Events Fund

The GAPSA Collaborative Events Fund (CEF) helps fund events that are financially supported by at least two constituent divisions within GAPSA, whether directly through their student governments or via subsidiary clubs & organizations.

More information about CEF can be found here.

Interdivisional Graduate Diversity Organizations

Interdivisional Graduate Diversity Organizations (IGDOs) were formed to allow students sharing a common culture or ideological goal to be recognized as a Registered Student Organization under the greater GAPSA umbrella, and gain funding for events from GAPSA as a whole. 

To apply for IGDO Recognition, please fill out registration using the WaveSync portal here and contact the current GAPSA Uptown and Downtown Vice Presidents.

More information about IGDOs can be found here.