Questions & Proposals

Questions or Concerns

Please feel free to send any graduate and professional student questions or concerns to We are committed to working with you to address any questions or concerns if it is within our capacity.


Proposals or Requests
Note that the process for proposals or requests may vary. However, the following gives you the basic process for most proposals or requests. Please email us for further instructions.

To start, please send your proposal or request to the GAPSA Executive Council ( You may also send your request to a specific Executive (i.e. funding requests can go directly to the GAPSA Finance VP). Once GAPSA receives your proposal or request, it will be reviewed by the Executive Council and then handed off to the appropriate standing committee.


Standing committees will review your proposal or request, deny/approve it, and make a recommendation to the Assembly. The recommendation may include an altered proposal or request (for instance, a funding request may be increased or decreased). Note that during this stage, you or another representative will be invited to discuss your proposal or request. Of note, funding requests will go through the Finance Committee (FC) and diversity concerns, diversity-related requests, or Interdivisional Graduate Diversity Organization (IGDO) recognition requests will go through the Graduate Diversity Committee (GDC).


The standing committee's recommendation will then be sent to the GAPSA Assembly, who will also review and deny/approve the proposal or request. Standing committee's recommendations are not binding; the Assembly simply takes their recommendations under consideration. In this way, the Assembly can uphold, overturn, or edit the standing committee's recommendation.


After this GAPSA process, we would move forward with the proposal or request or put it through the other channels. For instance, if the proposal or request needs to get approval from the University Senate and/or the Board of Trustees, GAPSA Exec would push it through that process. The process is similar to GAPSA's in that the proposal or request would go through the University Senate's Standing Committees and Assembly (called the Senate).


More information on Collaborative Events Fund (CEF) requests can be found here.

More information on Interdivisional Graduate Diversity Organization (IGDO) recognition proposals can be found here.