For more information or if you have any questions, contact us at gapsa@tulane.edu.


GAPSA will be the voice of graduate and professional students on the Uptown and Downtown campuses at Tulane University of Louisiana. GAPSA is designed to accurately represent the concerns and needs of graduate and professional students to the university administration, to facilitate interdisciplinary exchanges, to liaise with the undergraduate student body government, and to provide programming of special interest to graduate and professional students.

Every graduate and professional student at Tulane University is a member of GAPSA.

The government of GAPSA consists of an Executive Council and an Assembly of Senators. Senators are representatives of GAPSA's nine constituent Divisions.

GAPSA currently has two standing committees (Finance Committee and Graduate Diversity Committee) and a number of Interdivisional Graduate Diversity Organizations (IGDOs).

In addition, GAPSA is one of the three primary governing bodies of Tulane University. The other two include the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and the University Senate. GAPSA coordinates and works with these other two governing bodies through committees and task forces.

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